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[OLD] LogicMachine firmware 2021.12
Is there support for DALI 2?
CANx-DALI has support for parsing DALI2 telegrams:
There are currently no plans to add DALI2 support to non-CANx interfaces (internal and RS485).
Can I assign addresses and control the brightness of a lamps that has DALI2 with DW1?
What is the lamp make/model?
Centrsvet INF LINE 800 1630 WD DALI 2
Centrsvet INF TURN LINE 200 0530 WD DALI 2
Most DALI2 ballasts are backward-compatible with DALI1. Ask the ballast manufacturer for confirmation that it will work.
(14.12.2022, 12:20)Boolkinator Wrote: Is there support for DALI 2?

I have the same issue trying to use Dali for the first time on the Dali built-in master. My luminaire only has Dali 2:

Any chance to get Dali 2 also implemented on non-CANx?


Currently CANx-DALI does not have full DALI2 support. No decision has been made whether to support DALI2 on older devices.
Hi all,

It was due to a bad power supply that I did not manage to get Dali working.

Dali 2 is fully supported on older LogicMachine devices by sending raw commands on the bus. I was able to set the color temperature of a Dali Device Type (DT) 8.

Thank you for the wonderful products you build, it was a delight to work with the Dali internal gateway as defined in
Which firmware is the correct one for this device?
log(io.readfile('/proc/device-tree/model')): i.MX28 LM2 Re:actor

My current firmware version is 20170620 (old). Can I upgrade directly to 2021.12 or should I first upgrade to mid versions?

Btw, thanks for continued support of older devices Smile
Use this firmware (LM Reactor V1):

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