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modbus 485 error ! :(
Thanks for reply Admin,

Well, the problem is, when I delete slave 1 and just use slave 2, slave 2 works fine.
So it doesn't matter who of them I add to the Wiser, if I just add 1 of the 2 it works (no matter who of them).
But if I add both of them, the last I add fault.
So i don't know what can be wrong, for me, it looks like hardware / wires and settings are right but this is the first time i use modbus.
What if you delete both devices and use read test, does it read from both meters correctly?
Encountered the same problem with the same ABB working solutions for me so far...

Three B21, one of them keep going offline, we unplugged and everything works but if we reconnect the device it keeps going nuts...
(20.07.2022, 08:28)admin Wrote: @Dré, profile does not affect device operation. Read/write can fail if the addresses or other settings are wrong. But if you have two identical devices where one is not working correctly then it's definitely not a profile issue.

@CristianAgata, do you have documentation for this inverter? There must be some DC input or output with a GND/0V connection can be used.

This is the link for download the user manual, (file it is too bigger) . I used 5-6 pins (ref pag 62)
Best regards Cristian
Try pin 7
(20.07.2022, 11:25)admin Wrote: Try pin 7

ok I will Check and then I let you know.
Best regards
(20.07.2022, 10:13)admin Wrote: What if you delete both devices and use read test, does it read from both meters correctly?

if i remove both devices and do a RTU scan, he can find both devices.
if i already had add one, he can't find the second device.

with a read test, i dont get the same results as when i add the device and see on the groupadresses. (see attachment)
The result is different because you've selected int32 data type instead of float32.
Adding read_delay to the profile might help, see this:
Thanks admin, it looks like it works.
i add this rule for a little hour for now and i didn't get any error.
(20.07.2022, 11:25)admin Wrote: Try pin 7

Hi Admin
Done connected gnd on the logic and pin 7 on the inverter, but always CRC error. Change the cable, put the logic near the inverter and tried on port-1 and 2 ..... But nothing change. Always CRC error.
Now I want to try with a usb to 485 gateway and test the connection with a pc.
If someone has another solution it is welcome.
Thanks for the help.
Best regards Cristian

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