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[OLD] LogicMachine firmware 2016.09
RC2 has been approved as a stable release, we recommend upgrading if running an older version.

Next release with many small bug fixes and improvements, including fixes for KNX tunnelling and Modbus proxy:

Make sure you have a backup file of your device prior to upgrading, downgrade to previous versions is only possible via firmware recovery.

LM3 V1 (4 x RS-485):
LM3 V2 (3 x RS-485 and 1 x RS-232):
LM Ambient:
LM Reactor:
LM Reactor V2:
LM Reactor V3:
LM Reactor Lite:

Patches and package updates:

1. Important update: fix random group addresses appearing during KNX device programming and missing KNX/TP telegrams.
Install through Logic Machine -> Utilities -> Install updates:

2. (only needed if running RC2 version) Cannot send e-mail using secure connection (e.g. Gmail).
Install through System Config -> Packages:

LM Load Balancer:

Patches and package updates:

1. Cannot send e-mail using secure connection (e.g. Gmail).
Install through System Config -> Packages:
Could you prepare the firmware version for LM Load Balancer?
+1 For LM Load Balancer
This week Wink
installed, no issues.
Noticed some problems in Mosaic:

1. Adding widget - widget jumping to screen somewhere (right side of screen, to the bot side and etc.)
2. iPad horizontal orientation - widgets big, iPad vertical orientation - widgets too small, text not visible
3. Few times noticed - no widget at all, screen empty, just written "Main screen"
4. iPad horizontal orientation - left side vertical toolbar always on screen and sometimes no reacts (pressing by finger), iPad vertical orientation - left side vertical toolbar hides/unhide correctly, reaction is good.
Have you tried updating the Mosaic app? The pre-installed version that comes with the firmware is older than the latest release.
Yes, Mosaic 2.0 was updated. To be sure all Mosaic apps was uninstalled and installed again. Tests was repeated.

Text cutting, size of widgets
See attached images, illustrating text cutting. You see iPhone and iPad screens.
iPad screen (vertical orientation) - very small widgets, text cutting.
iPad screen (horizontal orientation) - everything is ok, widgets are big, no problem with text cutting.

Left toolbar
iPad vertical orientation - left toolbar automatically unhides/hides correctly. Controls are ok.
iPad horizontal orientation - left toolbar always present on screen. Sometimes hangs - no reaction when you touching by finger.

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(03.10.2016, 06:36)admin Wrote: This week Wink

I am waiting with a big hopeWink
Is it a hope for releasing the update for Load Balancer today?
Here you go, as usual, make sure to backup before upgrading:
Very thanks, great info. I will check this immediatellyWink

I've upgraded LM-LB and it is working. Unfortunately this javascript is not working. Can you check? This script is working on LM4 and LM Reactor V3 but not on LM Load Balancer also after upgrade.

 // Set color values
 var defaultcolor = $('.Temp').css("color") // Use color that is default set on the object
 var highcolor = 'rgb(0, 153, 204)' // Blue
 var lowcolor = 'rgb(204, 153, 0)' // Orange
 // Function to change colors on values
 function CheckSetpointandValue(){
   // Check if and how many elements there are with additional class 'Temp'
   if ($(".Temp").length > 0){

     // Set number of items to loop through based on additional class 'Temp' items
     var TempValueItems = $(".Temp").length // Determine number of compare items
     // Set difference between actual and setpoint to change color
     var MinimalDifference = 0.5 // Determine minnimal difference between setpoint and actual temperature
     // Loop to items to set CSS
     for (i = 1; (i-1) < TempValueItems; i++) {
       // Set conditions for Setp_nr and Temp_nr
       if ( Number( $(".Temp_" + i).html() ) > ( Number( $(".Setp_" + i).html() ) + MinimalDifference ) ){
         $(".Temp_" + i).css("color", highcolor);
       } else if ( ( Number( $(".Temp_" + i).html() ) + MinimalDifference ) < Number( $(".Setp_" + i).html() ) ){
         $(".Temp_"  + i).css("color", lowcolor);
       } else {
         $(".Temp_" + i).css("color", defaultcolor);
 // Check for changes on value of item with Temp
 // Check for changes on value of item with Setp
 // Initial execution
I found the reason of the problem. I have temperatures with units e.g. °C. So when the algorythm compare the values temperatures are NaN.
Works fine for me for the last few days. I am running it on a LM4 machine.
I loaded the FW to LM Reactor V2 and when i program a device with ETS new objects appears on LM.
I do have bus sniffer enabled but never noticed such a behavior before.
The new objects have datatype 14byte ASCII and group address similar to the device I program e.g. programing device 1.1.30 and new object with address 2/1/30 appears on LM.
I have tried it on another installation with LM Load Balancer (FW 20160301) and I get the same results. Objects appearing when I program a device.
Thanks, we'll do some tests this week and provide a patch.
(05.10.2016, 10:22)GenaV Wrote: Yes, Mosaic 2.0 was updated. To be sure all Mosaic apps was uninstalled and installed again. Tests was repeated.

Mosaic has just been updated, which should bugs you've mentioned. As for visual layout devs are saying that this is intended. Maybe a custom theme can be created which has different widget/text sizes.
i have problems using mysql in the latest beta version, error see attached screenshot

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Please try this patch for your Reactor (this won't work on Load Balancer). Install through Logic Machine -> Utilities -> Install updates.
Please let the developer who increased the TouchVis speed that he/she made my day!!!

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