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Open Widget by Script
Hi looking for a method of opening a widget (377) via script when an object 0/2/22 is between 1 and 20 and closing it when 0/2/22 is 0
But only to open widget when parent page (vis page 358) is open. Don't want the widget to open on other screens around the home.

Think I saw something in the forum before, similar to this but cant find the post again.

Any help would be grateful.
You probably refer to this
(22.07.2022, 13:42)Daniel Wrote: You probably refer to this

No but it did take me towards , which is what i was looking at for inspiration 
  var openwidget = false;
  function openWidget(){ 
  if (currentPlanId == 353){
      if (openwidget == false){
          openwidget = true; 
        // Open widget
          // Position widget (absolute positioned)
      //document.getElementById("widget-5") = "150px";
      //document.getElementById("widget-5").style.left = "150px";
      //document.getElementById("widget-5").style.width = "1024px";
    //document.getElementById("widget-5").style.height = "600px";
  } else {
      // Condition to hide widget
      openwidget = false;

  // Initial execution if needed

  // Add event listener to control elements only for checking on each user input
  $('.item-control').on( "click", function() {

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