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[RC3] LogicMachine firmware 2024.04
LM 2024.04 release candidate 3 firmware is ready for testing.

Changes from 2024.02 RC2

- Fixed grp.create() not working unless json library was loaded beforehand
- Fixed ZeroTier config error when network connection type is set to DHCP
- Empty Custom values ({} or [] in JSON format) are now treated as no Custom values
- If Custom values are used in the Schedulers user UI, the first value is now selected when creating new events

Known issues

- Homekit application must be updated to the latest version via LM app store after the firmware upgrade.

New LM Home application

More info here:

You can find the hardware model in the "Upgrade firmware" window:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1740]

LM5 Power devices with i.MX6 CPU
LM5 Lite (3 DIN units): image file | signature
LM5 Lite + Ext (4 or 6 DIN units): image file | signature
LM5 Reactor GM KNX: image file | signature
LM5 Reactor GM CANx: image file | signature
LM5 Reactor Dimmer KNX: image file | signature
LM5 Reactor Dimmer CANx: image file | signature
LM5 Reactor IO V2/V3: image file | signature
LM5 Reactor IO V2/V3 + LTE: image file | signature
LM5 M4 (4 DIN units): image file | signature
LM Wall (Ambient V2): image file | signature

Extra packages (i.MX6 CPU)
libmysqlclient has been replaced by libmariadb. No script changes are needed for MySQL/MariaDB connectivity.

KNX Data Secure

Video tutorial:
HW: LM5Lp2SN (i.MX6)
SW: 20211215

I have the version written above. But when I want to upgrade ( LM5 Lite (3 DIN units) ), I get this error. "Cannot upgrade. Firmware file is invalid."
What path should I follow?
Contact your seller, you have a custom firmware.
(10.05.2024, 13:07)admin Wrote: Contact your seller, you have a custom firmware.

Thank you for your answer.
Dear all,
  I currently have an LM5 Rio set that needs to be reinstalled with the memory card. However, after installing the new card, the LM5 cannot boot up (only one power light is on - the main light flashes red continuously).
  Hope to receive support to find the cause and how to handle it.
  Please help me this case!
  Thank so much!

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Seems like you used wrong recovery image. Which one did you select?
You should use imx28 recovery image and LM5 Lite + Ext (4 or 6 DIN units) firmware.
I used i.mx28 and it's still the same.
It dont started IP Web.
Did you use the correct firmware as I mentioned above?
I made sure I downloaded the correct i.MX28,
however after installing the memory card into the LM5, it cannot boot to IP
Clera browser cache or try different.
Have you configured PC network interface so it is on network?
Hallo zusammen,
Ich brauche deine Unterstützung.
Nach einem erfolgreichen Update habe ich Probleme mit dem Zugriff über eine ISE Remote, ähnlich wie beim Gira S1. Bisher habe ich eine direkte Verbindung über die ISE Cloud zu LM, wo ich mich mit meinem Benutzer von LM aus anmelden konnte. Jetzt wird das Passwort einfach ignoriert. Der Zugriff über VPN funktioniert einwandfrei. Ich kenne aber mehrere Kunden, die einen solchen Zugang nutzen. Leider kann ich die kostenlose Visualisierung über LM Cloud nicht nutzen und aus diesem Grund sollte der Zugriff über ISE Remote funktionieren.
Hat sich in puncto Sicherheit in der neuen Firmware etwas geändert? Kann ich es deaktivieren oder umgehen?
@Burghardt Systems, please write in English. Can you provide remote access both via ISE and ZeroTier to LM so we can check what's wrong?

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