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LG smart TV
Does anybody have a script to control LG smart TV over IP?
(13.02.2017, 16:53)Desislav Wrote: Hello,
Does anybody have a script to control LG smart TV over IP?


Yes is it possible to change this python script to lua ? see :
This is a script to control a LG smart TV.
anybody was try to control from LUA ?
Here is websocket script. I've tried, but something did wrong. If anyone could use it and make LG TV control, it would be great.
Attached you can find the library to control LG TV with Web OS. 
It uses Lua websocket library from here Websocket library is also available in this forum.
Just change the name of the library to yours in the coding ('user.websocket_client_sync')

It was inspired by Node.JS module, you can also find a list of commands and configuration instructions there.

Coding is published as is , errors are possible Smile

The following command will turn Off the LG TV . 2 constants below are the IP address of the LG TV and the KNX group address to store the handshake key.
lg_execute_command(LGTV65_IP, LGTV65_KEY, "", "request", "ssap://system/turnOff", "")

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