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ekey scanners
Could someone specify which ekey scanners are supported by LM and which are not?
All scanners worked apart from the latest ones (v2.1 or something), we've got a new sample from Ekey and will do some more tests soon. Also, if your device has 2 or more RS-485 ports, port 2 must be used.
Today I tried to connect ekey home scanner (FS OM I, 101310) and ekey net scanners. LM didn't recognize both of them. I connected them to port 2 (this port is not used by anything else).
Where can be the problem?
Try reversing A/B, also check if GND is connected between LM and the scanners. Reboot LM just to make sure that EKey handler restarts as it only performs scanner check during start-up.
Did all of those steps, still nothing..
(18.04.2017, 11:31)leonidas Wrote: Did all of those steps, still nothing..

as i know, ekey SCANNERs doesn't work with LM. but Ekey MODULEs work (that's the same scanners, but they have another firmware).
see the label of ekey module in the attach. this one works with LM

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Hello again,

ekey answer:
Quote:ekey module is now called ekey FSX.
It is a finger scanner that can be integrated into third-party systems by manufacturers.

And current firmware-version of FSX-range is:

admin is it tested? Will it work with LM?
(18.04.2017, 08:47)leonidas Wrote: Could someone specify which ekey scanners are supported by LM and which are not?
Dear Leonidas,
1) When I tested LM with ekey module scanners (or now the ekey FSX scanners) there was a bug using command <Rescan/Search>. 
The scanners can be registered in the system only when the LM is restarted, after the scanner is correctly connected to the RS485 bus.
2) The list of ekey scanners compatible with LM are:
101 427 ekey FSX WM
101 428 ekey FSX WM RFID
101 429 ekey FSX WM REL
101 430 ekey FSX WM RFID REL
101 384 ekey FSX IN E
101 424 ekey FSX IN T
101 388 ekey FSX IN E RFID
101 425 ekey FSX IN T RFID
101 444 ekey FSX OM I
101 237 ekey FSX OM E
101 767 ekey FSX OM I RFID
101 235 ekey FSX OM E RFID
101 234 ekey FSX OM E REL
101 236 ekey FSX OM E RFID REL

Your scanner in the picture is the 'ekey module FS OM I' version and pass the requirements for compatibility with LM.
Thank you for the information. But I have few more questions: Smile

  1. "On one RS-485 you can connect a group of max. 8 Ekey module scanners."  Can I use both RS-485 ports and connect 16 scanners?
  2. Can you confirm new ekey firmware ( is supported?
Only one port can be used
Thank you, please inform us if you will test latest scanners with latest firmware.

Do you have any news on this topic? I am still looking which ekey scanner is compatible with LM. I could not find for sale any of the reference listed in agris post.

admin, did you perform the tests you are talking about above ?
The latest one that we have tested is "module FS IN 2.1 RFID" and it works well. RFID support is also added to ekey plugin.

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