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KNX GA priority

is it possible to customize GA priority on LM? I see such option in the ETS, how can I implement it on LM?
Not possible internally right now, though priorities set by ETS are sent to KNX bus unchanged. Are you missing some telegrams that you need this feature? Usually, only system messages must have higher priority, all group telegrams should have the lowest priority.
Normally there is no problem, but sometimes(2 times in a year) on TP there is such situation and for example presence sensor doesn't switch off the lamp. And when I read its command it sends an off. Also I see that when too much commands are send via LM in the same time then some of them aren't sent. So I am using os.time(0.1) between such telegrams.

But I see that there is another possibility when using priorities. I am thinking about give such priority:
1. alarms
2. commands (especially sent by machine not by human)
3. statuses (on change)
4. cyclicall statuses (temperature).

Thanks for answerWink
(09.08.2017, 06:42)buuuudzik Wrote:  So I am using os.time(0.1) between such telegrams.

you should use os.sleep(0.1) Smile

you could set poll interval on your presense sensor object in object settings to avoid missing telegramms
Yes, exactly os.sleep(0.1) Smile 

I don't want use poll interval because I don't like permanently sent telegrams on a bus. Events are much more elegant. And also for me KNX is very reliable but today when devices are so much powerful sometimes is a little hard to deal with KNX TP(1kbit/s).
this is the same problem as acking / ignoring telegrams not processed in LM. Or lack of dummy object. If you have five KNX devices on the bus then it doesn't matter. If you have hundreds of devices in ten lines then missing priorities can be a problem in such cases.
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