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[BETA 1] LogicMachine firmware 2021.04
New FW here:

Changes from 2020 RC3

  scripting editor:
  - add save action for CTRL+S
  - clear undo history on load so CTRL+Z does not clear the whole script
  - fix indentation error for "e", "n", "d" characters

  visualization: fix layout issue on certain configurations with slider in RGBW widget

  trends: add automatic trend log file creation if file is missing or corrupted
  visualization: fix pin code for string types

  bacnet: add custom device name setting

  modbus: add status object for slave devices

  storage: add mosaic keys to ignore list
  localbus: add "nobuswrite" field to event table for to grp.update
  visualizaion: enable top bar work-around for iOS v11+ instead of only v11
  visualizaion: fix positioning for nested widgets
  visualizaion: small style fix for touch/mobile visualization

  visualization: add option to hide home button in touch mode

  modbus: add support for writing values with bitmask

  lm: add password support to knxproj import

  user access:
  - add enable/disable option
  - add per-app access control
  - cache acl instead of using db queries for each request
  - add optional object access list

  user access: add per-room user access to mosaic

  modbus: fix polling sequence for longer polling times
  lm: add dali test result data type
  trends: change heartbeat from 120 seconds to 1 week (604800 seconds)
  trends: fix yearly display for min/max/last
  schedulers: add missing doctype
  vis: set fixed size for navbar buttons

  modbus: add TCP option to read test UI

  user access: show apps/mosaic/advanced access

  user access: add cloud login field

  visualization: fix control scaling for webkit browsers
  vis.params: fix 4-bit params not saving due to duplicate window id

  knx filtering (IP/per-user): allow double asterisk (1/*/*)
  bacnet client: move scandevice/scandevices functions to the bacnet library
  modbus: allow read_count/read_offset usage for coils as well as registers
  scripting editor: show current value when running an event script
  visualization: use correct decimal settings for graph element

  bacnet: show correct device name in object list
  http: add "x-frame-options: sameorigin" header with an option to disable it
  trends: fix labels not showing in certain cases
  user access: add cloud user list to cached acl

  knxproj import: use datatype from group connection if possible
  trends: show error message when trend load fails due to a missing trend file

  trends: do not hide export button when a single trend is displayed
  modbus: cache and reuse persistent TCP connections based on IP:PORT pair

  user access: log/block access attempts with unknown username
  objects: fix pagination display after reload when filtering is active
  apps: hide core apps from the list when user has no access to this module

  scenes: fix scene.tagset() function

  security: add "X-Content-Type-Option: nosniff" header to user uploads

  knx/ip: fix secure mode timer and duplicate message tag after outdated frame has been received

  modbus: ignore devices with polling time less than zero, try writing once in 60 seconds for devices marked as offline

  security: disallow KNX/IP Tunneling connections from external IPs

  system config: fix ntp client disable not being allowed with empty peer list
  modbus: fix writing address when read_offset is used
  modbus: fix write_address field missing in the database
  modbus: try reading only once for devices that are marked offline

  modbus: fix mapping sorting by type/address

  modbus: add NaN check for floating point values after conversion when value_nan is not set
  modbus: add missing value_default field

  system config: add user accounts and passwords to backup/restore

  schedulers: fix minor layout issues, fix race condition when one scheduler sets status for another

  user access: allow "+" in local/cloud login

  flashsys: do a full backup (not partial which can skip trends) before doing the fw upgrade
  visualization editor: show icon when the object value is empty, otherwise it's not possible to select/move this object

  user access: hide removed apps from the access list

  storage: memory usage optimizations for large requests

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