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CanBus & LIN
Interface ?
Script ?

I'd like to use a Logic Machine for automotive.....Can someone help me ?

Otherwise I will use other system..... ;(


KNX Advanced Partner + Tutor
We have hardware with built-in CAN fault-tolerant interface. It's possible to access the bus via script. If you need CAN high-speed then you have to use something else.
I'm interested to it.
Can you send me a brochure or datasheet ?

KNX Advanced Partner + Tutor
Hi Alberto!
please see attached some pre-information on the canX protocol which we have implemented on top of CAN FT physical layer. 
We will adjust in upcoming time this file with more detailed information. There is also a presentation available at

Also I attach sample datasheet for one of CAN FT products which we are doing (8 relay module). We plan to have the following CAN FT / canX products for the beginning:

System device:
  • CAN-CAN repeater / router
  • CAN 8 relay module
  • CAN programmable 16 AI/DO module
  • CAN Shutter actuator 2 channels, 4 pushbuttons
  • CAN Flush-mounted 10-binary inputs / LED control
  • CAN PWM control 8 channel
  • CAN Wall sensor platform (stripped LogicMachine Ambient)
  • CAN 0-10V dimmer 6 channels
Gateway / LogicMachine
  • CAN-KNX transparent gateway
  • CAN-DALI gateway
  • LogicMachine5 Lite Power CAN
  • LogicMachine5 with CAN and KNX
  • LogicMachine5 Reactor (-s) with CAN

Attached Files
.pdf   CAN-8R datasheet.pdf (Size: 421.71 KB / Downloads: 24)
.pdf   canX Flash 10.2017_pre.pdf (Size: 899.48 KB / Downloads: 29)
Nice.. Keep up the good work.
Is it compatible with canbus used in the car system ?
KNX Advanced Partner + Tutor

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