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Smart Metering - SE PowerTag and Smartlinks SI D
Successfully added the powertag and got some good readings for consumption. Till now the built in counter (Counter reset to 0 every midnight by script) seems to be quite acurate and a good tool for counting.  Normal trends with visualization seems to look fine for the visualization (Absolute value, Average, 5 minutes, 0 decimals, 180 days, 2 years, Show 0 on Y-axis). So far so good.

What would be the better aproach to get the hourly W or kW consumption per hour / per day / per month / Per Year?
I could not make the "trend counter" to give correct numbers or a good calculation. I do have some ideas, but might overcomplicate my thoughts about it. What would be the recommended aproach to get daily /monthly consumption stored and usefull?  The powertags have a built in counter which can be reset through scripting. 

Any tip would be highly appreciated.
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For trends in counter mode to work correctly the counter value should not reset at all. If you want to show daily consumption in an object you can save the consumption value every midnight and create a simple script that will subtract the saved value from the current value and write it to another object.
To be able to set the correct voltage, you need to select the correct system type:


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