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Relay board R421A08
I've done a short script for controlling cheap relay board from AliExpress Routerboard R421A08

If someone is interested in:
User library named ecl_modbus_rtu
local lt_modbus = {
   toggle=0x300, -- close/open/close/open
   switch=0x400, -- switch 1 of 8
   impulse=0x0500, -- close one for 1s, open other relays
   close_delay=0x0600 --close, then open with delay[s] 00 - FF - (0x06[00-FF])
   -- ll_slave =RS485 RTU Number set at relay board DIPs
   -- ll_Register = relay Nr 1-8
   -- ll_value = it_rboard_actions
   mb = luamodbus.rtu()
   mb:open(self.is_port, self.il_baudrate, 'N', 8, 1, 'H')
return lt_modbus

Code for testing:
local mbus=require('user.ecl_modbus_rtu')


LM5Lp, firmware: 2018.08.22, FlashSYS v2, ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), kernel 4.4.151

Thank you.
I have been trying to communicate with tha same relayboard with no luck.
I will give this a try. Cool

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