Changing object value without triggering a script inside

I have a script inside of boolean object which I need to set to 1, without triggering the script inside. Is there anything simpler than doing it with flags?
What about if statement?
If 1 then do nothing else ....your script...end
This might help:
It's way more complicated than that, let me explain myself better. I'm controlling a LED strip with a single push button. However, the strip is ALSO controlled by Auro by Basalte (motion sensor). What pushbutton does is it enables blocking of the Auro only. The led strip itself is turned on by a script inside the block object. That means when I need to turn on light without it being affected by Auro I just press a button. The problem comes in when I also want to control brightness of the LED strip from Mosaic. Whenever I set brightness to a value, blocking object turns on as I want it to but automatically the script in the blocking object happens which I don't want.

Anyway, it has gotten way too complicated. I'll just do it with flag objects or with storage. Thank you very much anyways.

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