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Forward /bacward order for objects
I am designing a status view for a sun shading project, showing the status of the blinds in a facade view.  The interface is showing the actual blind position, the slat angle and the state of control - manual or automatic.

There is also several blocking object for each floor /facade, where the blinds can be blocked.  I want to have information about present blocking status for the following blocking objects which  have the following priority:

  1. Fire alarm 
  2. Service 
  3. Wind 
  4. Window cleaning
  5. Blind cleaning  
I tried to do this using suitable icons for active blocking.  For showing the state of no blocking i made a custom icon with a transparent background, showing nothing when the blocking is inactive.  Then i place all the icons in the same position in top of each other, with the icon with  highest in priority in front, and those with lower priority backward.

I thought the backward/forward order for the icons was based on when they were created, but i can not find how to control of the backward /forward order for the icons.  

In graphic applications, eg. Visio and Publisher, there is a move forward /move backward button to control this behavior.

My question:  How is the backward / forward order for icons defined, and is there anyway to control which icon will be in front?
The same type of object have no priority, they will be displayed randomly. The only priority is based on different type of visual objects and it they are on plan or on layout.
The only solution for you is to create a byte object and create additional icons, then you need a script which will write a value to the byte to display correct icon depend of your override state.
Ok, thank you.
You can create custom CSS classes like these:

.ontop {
   z-index: 80 !important;
.onbottom {
   z-index: 60 !important;

and set your objects to your classes. Higher number means upper position.
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