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Alexa App - Bulb or Switch?

I've seen, that LM uses Power State, Percent and Brightness for control a dimable light.

1. question:
ist the usage of all three skills usefull? I mean brightness and percent?

2. question:
What is the difference between percent and brightness?

3. question:
How I can do, that my lights are known in alexa as bulb or light (in german lampe). Alexa shows my DALI-Lights all as switch (Deckenlicht Fitnessraum)...
See the screenshot:

Thx forwards

To be honest this is question to Amazon, they have defined it this way and we just fallowed what they did. In my opinion it is not needed.
One question, when I send an order through alexa, I see that I send it twice. Is there a way to correct this?
In did, I never spotted this. We will check it.
(03.06.2020, 07:28)Daniel. Wrote: In did, I never spotted this. We will check it.

I share an image of a record of objects sent with alexa

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