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[OLD] LogicMachine firmware 2017.04
We are happy to announce that RC1 firmware is ready for testing.

Major changes

Virtual objects - additional address range which only exists inside of LM and is not sent to KNX/TP and KNX/IP

Trends - secondary Y axis, trends are grouped by object units

  - Start/stop object mode
  - Improved lost connection detection and reconnect workflow

  - Extended event date and holiday matching options
  - Added sunrise/sunset mode with additional time offset

Scenes - new module which can be used to create simple object value sequences

Improved performance for certain modules - Reactor line (excluding Reactor V1), EnOcean, BACnet

  - Better error log with function call traceback
  - Updated translations
  - Custom SSL certificate upload
  - LM can now act as NTP time server (useful for secure KNX connection where time sync is required between all LMs)
  - Removed block editor, please use FBeditor app instead

LM3 V1 (4 x RS-485):
LM3 V2 (3 x RS-485 and 1 x RS-232):
LM5 lite:
LM5 lite with extensions:
LM5 4 DIN units:
LM Ambient:
LM Reactor Lite:
LM Reactor V1:
LM Reactor V2:
LM Reactor V3:

Extra packages:

LM5 Power devices
Note: if upgrade does not work, run this script once:

LM5 lite:
LM5 lite with extensions:
LM5 4 DIN units:

Extra packages:

Old LM2 with AT91 CPU:
Warning: only full re-install via UART/TFTP is possible, upgrade via WEB is not supported

Load balancer FW and packages will be published later.
Very good infoWink

How about compatibility of trends, schedulers, modbus-rtu from 20160927 firmware and this? Do this upgrate has new HTML5 editor?

Could you upgrade the LM which is on I must check this on some test machine before install.

I can't wait so I've updated one not primary LM4 and I've checked some functions. SSL is very nice. I've had some problem with Modbus-RTU because when I've updated LM4 modbus settings changed to default so I must set up modbus rtu, baudrate and others. Probably I solved this but where can I check in backup this setting?

And also there is some bug in FBEditor(this was before update). This is its description:
Error in /www/apps/data/fbeditor20/index.lp at line 19: unexpected symbol near '='
As usual, everything is forward-compatible. We'll update the demo LM to RC1 this week.
Could you support some information about:
- which address range is for virtual objects?
- how can I use custom SSL certificate upload?

Internal addresses are from 32/0/1 until 63/7/255 (same range size as normal KNX range starting where KNX range stops)

SSL is a bit more complex, however uploading is not so difficult, just paste it, save and reboot (: but creating one is the bigger challange especially if you want a free certificate. Check let's encrypt for this..


Thanks Erwin, it was very helpfulWink I must check this SSL certificate by myselfSmile

Do you know what are the solutions for remote control without VPN? And do you know how secure is only port forwarding + SSL?

If you use a homeLYnk you can use our homeLYnk remote app, if you use a LM you could use the cloud solution but i think you are forced to use Mosaic.

SSL with port forwarding is a option, however your traffic is secured, there is a open port..

On the other hand, a well skilled hacker would not waste his time on a visu if you ask me (:



For the schedulers, is it possible to either link a schedule to an tag or to multiple objects?


No, since tag can be assigned to objects with different data types.
This can be done with 1 line script Smile
grp.tag('My tag'):write(event.getvalue())
What about Apple Homekit support?
Could someone can prepare some step-by-step instruction for SSL certification LM and iPhone?
Here's a guide on how to create self-signed certificates, then you need to install root cert on all devices so there are no warnings:
(27.04.2017, 05:56)admin Wrote: No, since tag can be assigned to objects with different data types.
This can be done with 1 line script Smile
grp.tag('My tag'):write(event.getvalue())

Ok the scheduler is still inconvenient for the end user.  For example, you take 10 sprinkler valves,  which always are set to start at 6am for 1 hour.  When the end user ( customer ) wants to adjust that timing they have to do it 10 times.  That is really cumbersome.  It should be a single time assignable to multiple objects ( group addresses ).  Assigning the time to an virtual object that runs an event script is not an option.  No end user would be capable of adjusting the script to change the values of multiple objects.

Using the script scheduler is not an option, its too complicated. 


Hi Roger,

We are working on a scene app at this moment. You could use it to solve your problem.

If you make a scheduler on a internal byte object and link that to a scene sequense. This way you can assign 256 different triggers to activate any given object in the scene value how you like. 

The customer can set the output values for any object himself when the app is available, the scheduler simply triggers the scene.


It would be nice if scheduler had an option to run every X days.
I've prepared OpenSSL certificate and it is half-finished because comunication is encrypted but I must use the secure exception for this certificate because his provider is unknown. Maybe somebody has some knowledge how can solve this?

And also I've tested a function "Remember username and password" and now this is very nice and more safe solution then before. Thanks support team for this updateWink
You have to install root certificate on all devices that are accessing LM, so the connection is trusted.
(28.04.2017, 06:56)admin Wrote: You have to install root certificate on all devices that are accessing LM, so the connection is trusted.

I've added certificate to LM, to Firefox, and also on iPhone and all is good except Firefox where there is a little bug with certificate provider.

How I should fill the SSL fields like country, city, server? Please prepare a sample for Firefox.
Yesterday I've found some strange situation with password remember function and also today. I've tried to connect remotely via https with one logic machine and I must type login and password after 2 days from last login. I've set "Remember username and password"(yes) and "User cookie expiration days"(30 days). How it should works? What it depends on?(e.g. ip address or only device and its cookie).

And also I've checked Multiple Trends function and it's very goodWink
Auth cookie becomes invalid if client IP changes. Its lifetime is set from LM so it will not work if LM date/time in incorrect.

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