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[OLD] LogicMachine firmware 2017.04
(05.05.2017, 13:29)admin Wrote: RC2 is planned for next week, we'll prepare FW for LB as well.

How about preparing RC2?
(09.05.2017, 10:05)bmodeco Wrote:
(08.05.2017, 08:53)admin Wrote: @bmodeco

Have you tried using the universal profile?

Can you post your presence script?

Hi admin,
I am using the script on thread :
It worked fine before RC1. Tried rebooting, unplugging and so on - no difference.
Thanks Bart


-- enable ble

list = {}

-- mac -> group address mapping
known = {
 ['88:0F:10:10:F2:8A'] = '1/1/1',
 ['88:0F:10:4A:2C:36'] = '1/1/2',

ctime = os.time()

function callback(addr)
 local now, delta

 now = os.time()
 delta = now - ctime

 if addr then
   if not list[ addr ] then
     log('BLE found ' .. addr)

     if known[ addr ] then
       grp.write(known[ addr ], true, dt.bool)

   list[ addr ] = now

 -- check for missing devices each 5 seconds
 if delta < 0 or delta > 5 then
   for addr, time in pairs(list) do
     delta = now - time

     if delta < 0 or delta > 60 then
       log('BLE missing ' .. addr)
       list[ addr ] = nil

       if known[ addr ] then
         grp.write(known[ addr ], false, dt.bool)

   ctime = now


Hi admin,
Any idea what is causing this and if this will be fixed in RC2?
I've tested it with RC1 and it works. Maybe you can provide remote access to ports 22 and 80?
There's a slight delay with RC2, it's coming next week.
(18.05.2017, 14:55)admin Wrote: I've tested it with RC1 and it works. Maybe you can provide remote access to ports 22 and 80?

Is there a specific startup-order: startup lm first then plug-in usb-dongle? or does it not matter?
Script will fail if it starts before any BLE interface is present

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