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[OLD] LogicMachine firmware 2017.05
RC2 is ready for testing, this is mostly a bug-fix releases with minor changes:

1. Allow empty string for object custom values, it was previously ignored
2. Fix custom value display when status object is used
3. Scripting: fix category filter not working
4. Set object comment/description when importing JSON converted from .knxproj (
5. ModBus: allow JSON profiles with UTF-8 BOM mark
6. ModBus: show JSON error when profile cannot be parsed
7. Apps home page: only load style.css for widgets, not all apps (older version of WireGeo app broke home page layout)
8. Add SHA256 hash function to Lua encdec library
9. MBUS: add duplex option for MBUS-RS485 gateways

LM3 V1 (4 x RS-485):
LM3 V2 (3 x RS-485 and 1 x RS-232):
LM5 lite:
LM5 lite with extensions:
LM5 4 DIN units:
LM Ambient:
LM Reactor Lite:
LM Reactor V1:
LM Reactor V2:
LM Reactor V3:

Extra packages:

LM5 Power devices
Note: if upgrade does not work, run this script once:

LM5 lite:
LM5 lite with extensions:
LM5 4 DIN units:

Extra packages:

Due to Apps server upgrade some Apps cannot be installed if running 2017 RC1 or RC2 firmware.
To fix this, please install LMUP patch through Utilities -> Install updates.
Standard LM devices:

LM2 and Load Balancer files coming later
I've got certain on/off switches in touch visu, when random toggling these causes the LM to reboot. Not script related as there are no scripts started by on/off or status object of this. Had the same issue in RC1, have not noticed this in previous releases.
Any ideas?

Best regards, Jørn.
Which hardware are you using? Can you provide remote access to your device or a backup of your project if remote access is not possible?
I'll send you a PM.

Best regards, Jørn.
Maybe today is a good day for releasing the RC2 firmware for Load Balancer?
RC3 for Load Balancer:

Other images and changelog coming later today.

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