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[solved] spacelynk: Changes in Visualisation Control?
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(30.10.2017, 20:50)Habib Wrote:
hi i did and working!

I will try it tomorrow also. Thx for the info.

[Image: thumbsup.png]
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Thank you again for the info. I downgraded today from 2.1.0 to 2.0.1 and my issue is gone away :-). 

For demonstration I made a second screenrecord to show what I mean.

On the right side again my firefox window, on the left side the widget inside my surveilance app.

I made now for myself a test spaceLYnk in my garage and will test all Fw Update in future for main issues before I update my first device.

At moment the solution was to downgrade the firmware to old one 2.0.1.
Hi mr. Erwin  
in the home lynk we will have voice controle and push notifications?
Hello Erwin van der Zwart

thanks for your posts and help on this problem but i have two questions concerning your bugfix above for download:

1. There are two firmware versions of the 2.1.0, one für HW 1.xx and one for HW2.xx.
Is your bugfix for both versions?

2. Where did you get this bugfix and in which relationship do you stand to Schneider and the Schneider firmware developers?

I do also have this bug in my Wisers since update to 2.1.0 but i cant find any other information about this bug or a bugfix on the official Schneider Websites.

Kind regards

1) Yes, for both versions.
2) I got the patch from our development team in Zlin. I work for Schneider Electric as a solution architect and i work tight together with our developers. 


Hello Erwin van der Zwart,

thank you for your answers.

I used this bugfix an my problems with the buttons in toggle mode are gone.
Thanks and kind regards
(29.10.2017, 07:52)Erwin van der Zwart Wrote: Hi,

Yes we have found this already and somehow it passed the lab tests..

Here is the update to fix it: (unpack and run from Utilities -> Install updates)



Is this update valid for LM5 as well, or only for spaceLynk?

I've got the bit issue on a brand new device, and would like to have it fixed.
HW: LM5 Reactor IO (i.MX6)
SW: 20170927
Use this update package:
hello .
i have in a project a spacelynk . i use doname for comunication, can i download aplication in ets remotely?and in what way?

spaceLYnk does not need / have a ETS application. You can just put our dummy application in the ETS to register the physical address to avoid a duplicate.

Just create your ETS project and export your .esf file and import it into the spaceLYnk. Set under System settings the correct IP address and KNX physical address and your ready to go..



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