[RELEASE] LogicMachine firmware 2017.06
Update RC4 is now a stable release version, please upgrade if running an older one. Previous stable version 2016.09 is no longer supported.

Changes from RC3:
1. Fixed incorrect custom icon display when status object has different data type than the main object
2. Pincode is now ignored if object mode is set to start/stop or stop/start. Since pincode window steals focus from the button there's no way to make it work with pincode enabled
3. Remote services: object list was not working if a time/day object was exported
4. Fix alert messages with % character resulting in an error
5. Improve error handling and reporting for mbus library, fixed issues with mbus.getdata() calls
6. DALI: fix removal of internal gateways during gateway scan

LM2 IMX: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm2i-20170620.img
LM3 V1 (4 x RS-485): http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm3v1-20170620.img
LM3 V2 (3 x RS-485 and 1 x RS-232): http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm3v2-20170620.img
LM4: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm4-20170620.img
LM5 lite: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm5m3-20170620.img
LM5 lite with extensions: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm5m3ex-20170620.img
LM5 4 DIN units: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lm5m4-20170620.img
LM Ambient: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/lmwall-20170620.img
LM Reactor Lite: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/rctl-20170620.img
LM Reactor V1: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/reactor-20170620.img
LM Reactor V2: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/reactorv2-20170620.img
LM Reactor V3: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/reactorv3-20170620.img

Extra packages: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17/pkg

LM5 Power devices
Note: if upgrade does not work, run this script once:

LM5 lite: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17-imx6/lm5m3-20170620.img
LM5 lite with extensions: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17-imx6/lm5m3ex-20170620.img
LM5 4 DIN units: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17-imx6/lm5m4-20170620.img

Extra packages: http://dl.openrb.com/lm-17-imx6/pkg
I have a little thing about grp.check... functions and writing to unsigned 1 byte objects. At this moment function doesn't filter any write without third argument(delta) when values are equal(unsigned byte). I mean somehing like this:
grp.checkupdate("Test_value", 1, 0.5)

I think such constructions especially for unsigned 1 byte which is integer are not apropriateWink

Admin are there any examples for these new functions cause they don't seem to work.

My interpretation from these check functions would be to read\write\respond\update to the bus\object if the current object value is different to the requested value. This is to prevent repeat values being sent on the bus. Which is equivalent to something like.

local vln = tonumber(somevalue)


Good point, we'll change it so it does exact match check for numbers if delta is not set.
Thank you

I have been thinking about this further. We implement KNX organizing the structure of the group address to a certain schema.

1/0/* Switching
1/1/* Dimming
1/2/* Absolute Values
1/3/* Switching Feedback (Status)
1/4/* Absolute Value Feedback (Status)

Would it be possible to add a new parameter to the checkwrite\response\update, so that the function compares the requested value against another object (group address)

For example, I have a light that I want to set to 50%

grp.checkwrite('1/2/1', 50, '1/4/1')

which effectively does,


when this object is not specified then the comparison is made against the original object.


Hi Admin,

Is this possible?


Not sure about that, though there will be a new function grp.checkvalue(alias, value [, delta]) which tells whether the value should be sent or not. It can be used for your task (you can create your own wrapper function and put it into common functions):
value = 50
if grp.checkvalue('1/4/1', value) then
  grp.write('1/2/1', value)

it seems sunset/sunrise calculation isn't working when script is generated from FB Editor
"out" is always nil

Also would it be possible to add a "Run every X days" on schedulers or on scheduled scripts?


Latitude = 38.14
Longitude = 27.47
Time_offset = 2
out = fbe_sunrise(Latitude, Longitude, Time_offset, 'fb__test1__fbe_sunrise__id')
if out ~= nil then
    grp.write('32/1/2', out)
We might add run every X days to schedulers in the next version, scheduled scripts will probably be kept as it is now.
(04.07.2017, 10:04)admin Wrote: Not sure about that, though there will be a new function grp.checkvalue(alias, value [, delta]) which tells whether the value should be sent or not. It can be used for your task (you can create your own wrapper function and put it into common functions):
value = 50
if grp.checkvalue('1/4/1', value) then
 grp.write('1/2/1', value)

I am not asking to add a new function just modify the exist ( grp.checkwrite, grp.checkresponse, grp.checkupdate ).  I think in terms of performance a wrapper will be slower.  Plus I wouldn't need to use grp.checkwrite since a double comparison is made.  


bug: after copying a scene, the trigger object can not be changed. not always, but browser refresh sometimes helps

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@rocfusion, there's virtually zero performance difference between built-in and a wrapper function. I don't want to change how check* functions work as your case is not so common.

@managementboy, thanks, we'll have a look.
Hi, will you release RC4 for Load Balancer too or it will get the final release?

Installed this on LM Reactor V3. KNX to DALI communication failed, tried to install it again, same. + missing the System configuration  Network  KNX connection window. ++++
tried to install the LogicMachine firmware 2016.09, but now i cannot get in to it. tried the password i have set, but no luck, tried default password, but no luck.
do i have to take a full reset of it?
Firmware downgrade is not supported. Try installing RC4 again and clearing browser cache.
I managed to downgrade, but will try to upgrade again. And try to clear cache
I have a problem with upgrade on one LM4 which has now firmware 20160927. When remains time for upgrade go to 169s then LM back to System configuration. I've upgraded before another LM4 and there was no such a problem but it has newer firmware so maybe this is because of it. I want prepare this upgrade especially for Mosaic and its new modules. Maybe somebody had similar problem. I've also prepared a screen from System log after the upgrade try. I see only some problem with filesystem on /dev/mmcblk0p3 but I don't know if this is real problem with SD or only some small problem indication.

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Looks like SD card issues, the best option is to replace it.
I have got this error after update to RC4 in my error log:

User script:2: module 'custom.fbeditor20.Gate' not found:
no field package.preload['custom.fbeditor20.Gate']
no file './custom/fbeditor20/Gate'
no file 'Library custom/fbeditor20/Gate'
no file 'Library custom/fbeditor20/Gate'
no file 'Library custom/fbeditor20/Gate.so'
no file 'Library custom.so'
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'require'
User script:2: in main chunk

Ignore it. The error disappeared after second reboot.
LM5Lp, firmware: 20170620 lm5m3-20170620.img, FlashSYS2 20170612, ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), kernel 4.4.73

Have you tried reinstalling the fbeditor app?

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